Sunday, June 19, 2011


Taking a break from making art for my show next week, and I'm watching American Gigolo.  

Richard Gere is ungodly handsome circa 1980.  In the film,  Lauren Hutton can't sleep after initially meeting him...she's all riled up until she finds out where he lives, and shows up to see him again.

Full frontal.

If there are sharp, protruding silhouettes in my artwork tomorrow, forgive me.

I've been in the apartment for too long...

But I think I like it most when his character says:  "This is my apartment. Women don't come here."

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I don't mean to sound frustrated, but working nights is hard as hell sometimes.  I'm probably faster than I ever was before the coma, and I move like I'm playing a video game, but people are crazy these days. They lack accountability.

Tonight, some guy started swatting one of the antique hanging lights atop the bar in a desperate attempt to get my attention when I was really busy.  Since Rhiannon and Dez really value their decor, I found that annoying.

So I grabbed his wrist and twisted it half a turn, then pressed my thumb into that really sensitive pressure point where the veins stick out.  It shocked him.  He yelled, "I'm a patron*!" and I said, "No one here cares, and you're lucky I'm the one telling you not to deface the property - the owners would probably kill you.  Don't touch anything besides your drink."

Sometimes I hate that I have to do this for money.  I like the fast pace, sure, and I meet some cool people.  But customers are way too entitled these days - maybe they think they have power now that  they can write online reviews.  Pre-recession, I used to make $800 - $1,000 per night - all cash.  Now it's more like $300 - $500, which is a bit depressing.  I have some serious medical bills to deal with, and I hope my art show later this month takes it all next level.

I need to focus on what I want to do...which is to be an artist.  

PS: Just realized tonight upon writing that patron (the word for customer) is the same word as Patron (the tequila brand).