Sunday, June 5, 2011


I don't mean to sound frustrated, but working nights is hard as hell sometimes.  I'm probably faster than I ever was before the coma, and I move like I'm playing a video game, but people are crazy these days. They lack accountability.

Tonight, some guy started swatting one of the antique hanging lights atop the bar in a desperate attempt to get my attention when I was really busy.  Since Rhiannon and Dez really value their decor, I found that annoying.

So I grabbed his wrist and twisted it half a turn, then pressed my thumb into that really sensitive pressure point where the veins stick out.  It shocked him.  He yelled, "I'm a patron*!" and I said, "No one here cares, and you're lucky I'm the one telling you not to deface the property - the owners would probably kill you.  Don't touch anything besides your drink."

Sometimes I hate that I have to do this for money.  I like the fast pace, sure, and I meet some cool people.  But customers are way too entitled these days - maybe they think they have power now that  they can write online reviews.  Pre-recession, I used to make $800 - $1,000 per night - all cash.  Now it's more like $300 - $500, which is a bit depressing.  I have some serious medical bills to deal with, and I hope my art show later this month takes it all next level.

I need to focus on what I want to do...which is to be an artist.  

PS: Just realized tonight upon writing that patron (the word for customer) is the same word as Patron (the tequila brand).

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