Monday, July 4, 2011


I love Patterns.

Jamie Travis is a brilliant filmmaker.

“One of the most original voices in Canadian cinema” (The Toronto Sun). Recurring themes of childhood frailty and self-conscious suspense—alongside painstakingly designed interiors and soothing songs of sorrow—have engendered a distinct and consistent cinematic universe that straddles the divide between Sad and Funny.

“His shorts combine the macabre subject matter of David Lynch and Todd Solondz with the art direction of Wes Anderson. The end result is something that seems wholly original and much more than pastiche… Passivity isn’t really an option when watching his films as the mise en scène is handled with the meticulousness of a serial killer.” (Ion Magazine, Vancouver)

You're going to have to search to get a copy of Patterns: A Trilogy, which is one of his early films. It's worth the hunt.

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